Information on price increases

As you know, at Wild & The Moon, we pay particular attention to the quality of our products: organic, gluten-free, without any additives and unpasteurized.

We use natural ingredients, from French and seasonal agriculture as much as possible, and from responsible trade.

All our recipes are homemade and enriched with superfood. Our packaging is made of PLA - a 100% biodegradable plant-based material - to avoid plastic.

Despite all our efforts to maintain our prices, the current inflation on raw materials, transport and packaging as well as the increase in salaries force us to pass on part of the increases in our selling prices, the situation having become untenable.

- Inflation on raw materials: in particular, agricultural products at +30.8% over one year at the end of April 2022 (agricultural price index (IPPAP, IPAMPA) April 2022, source INSEE of 31/05/2022

- Increase in transport & logistics: +6% over one year - source INSEE of 31/05/2022

- Inflation on packaging: PLA purchase costs +50% in one year - internal source June 2022

- Wage increase (in accordance with interprofessional agreements) of +16.33% on April 1, 2022 in the CHR - Official Journal of March 10, 2022, amendment n°29.

Thus, from June 1st, a 4.7% increase will be implemented for all our references, in order to maintain the quantities and the quality of our offer and services

Thank you for your loyalty and understanding.