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The products

Where are Wild & The Moon products made ?
Wild & The Moon products are made in our laboratory in Charenton in the 12th district of Paris, which is also our Click & Collect center for the E-shop. The ready-made meals served in restaurants are prepared in our laboratory in the rue des Gravilliers in the 3rd district of Paris.
What is "cold pressed" juice?
Wild & The Moon uses a technique called "cold pressing" which consists in using a cold press and an extractor. This technique will preserve the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables unlike a centrifuge, in which the fruits and vegetables are heated. Our juices are then very quickly bottled to avoid oxidation and stored in cold storage before being delivered to you. Thanks to this process, the nutritional values of the juices remain intact
What is the difference with "pasteurized" juice?
Cold pressing is an extraction method that does not damage the extracted nutrients and thus preserves their effectiveness. Contrary to pasteurized juices which undergo a "flash" pasteurization (a fast heating time up to 80° and fast cooling). The advantages of cold pressing are: time saving (no need to have a juicer at home) and much better for your health (retains vitamins and enzymes)
Are the health benefits of juices and superfoods proven?
We have not done any analysis on the benefits of our juices. Nevertheless, we have naturopaths verify the benefits of each ingredient and their combinations. We are also inspired by ancient customs and different alternative medicines (African and Chinese in particular) which teach us a lot about the benefits of the plant world. For example, superfoods are 100% natural foods (plants, fruits, vegetables or seaweed) that are good for your body. Their use goes back centuries and in different civilizations. It may come from ancestral knowledge, from the Amazonian Indians for example, who have been using certain herbs and fruits for thousands of years and are giving us a clue
Do Wild & The Moon products contain gluten or lactose?
Wild & The Moon products are all gluten-free and 100% vegan. They do not contain any substance of animal origin. They are suitable for people who are intolerant to gluten and lactose or for people who want to eat products that are good for their body.
Can you consume Wild & The Moon juices while breastfeeding?
It depends on the Wild & The Moon juices consume in moderation: wild juices containing strong spices such as turmeric or black pepper such as The Tiger, Little Miss Sunshine and our Bam Shot Ask your doctor for advice: Matcha Mylk contains green tea To be avoided as a precaution: Hollyweed and Vanilla Mylk containing CBD, Black Gold and Black Lemonade containing activated charcoal When breastfeeding, it is important to be well hydrated. For this, we recommend Keep it Clean, Simply Green, Kiwimandjaro, Down to Earth, Moon Mylk, La vie en rose, Pink Panther, Cococrush and Liquid Vitality. In general, we recommend that you take a close look at our ingredient lists in the product sheet. Indeed, some ingredients may not be recommended to avoid altering the breast milk consumed by the baby.
How long do the products keep?
The shelf life is 5 days for the juices and 3 days for the vegetable milks. In order not to lose their freshness, it is very important not to break the cold chain by keeping them in the refrigerator between 0 and 6 degrees. If you have any hesitation about the freshness or the conservation, we recommend you not to consume our products Once opened, our snacks can be kept for 30 days and our superfoods can be kept for 1 year in a cool and dry place. The best before date is longer if the products have not been opened
What to do with the bottles after drinking the juice? Are they recyclable?
Our bottles are easily recyclable so you can throw them in a selective sorting garbage can

Detox juice cures

How to prepare for a detox?
3 days before starting the detox, we recommend that you gradually prepare your body by following a healthy diet, ideally by eating only fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains). To guarantee the effects of your cure, alcohol, gluten, meat, dairy products, sugar and processed products are strongly discouraged. If you need more information on how a detox works, please read our article on the benefits of Wild & The Moon detox juices.
How to choose your detox cure?
Choose a cure adapted to your expectations and your state of mind Start gently with a detox cure based on plant milks (detox juice treatment for beginners). Alternate juices and soups for a more substantial detox (intermediate detox juice treatment). Treat yourself to a detox with fruits and vegetables (beginner detox juice treatment). Or challenge yourself with a detox juice treatment with celery (expert detox juice treatment). To learn more, read our blog post "our 5 tips for a successful detox".
What does each detox juice treatment contain?
The Wild & The Moon detox juice cures are composed of 5 bottles of 500ml and a Bam shot of 60ml per day of cure. For example, a 3 days detox cure contains 15 bottles of 500ml and 3 Bam Shots of 60ml for the duration of the program.
What is the recommended duration of a detox cure for it to be effective?
We recommend a 3-day detox juice treatment to really feel the effects. And our 5-day detox is the perfect program to give your body an important and necessary break, as well as to have surprising results
What are the benefits of a detox juice treatment?
The Wild & The Moon detox cures allow you to: 1. purify your body and eliminate toxins. 2. Gain energy and feel fit. 3. Adopt a healthy and vegetal diet that is good for your health
Can you lose weight by drinking detox juices?
The detox juice treatment can help you lose weight but its main objective is to detoxify the body and not to lose weight.
When is it not recommended to follow a cure?
We do not recommend taking a cure: Pregnant and breastfeeding women. To minors or people who have not yet completed their growth. People with metabolic or eating disorders. People suffering from chronic health problems such as diabetes, heart rhythm disorders, liver problems, etc. People undergoing antibiotic treatment. In all cases, if you have the slightest doubt about the compatibility of your health with a cure, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure. We remind you that a detox cure should not replace a medical treatment.
How often should I do a detox?
You should plan your cures on a regular basis, for example 2 to 3 days of cure every month, to have better results in the long term. The more cures you do, the more you will get used to them.
Is it possible to eat or do sports during your treatment?
Yes, it is possible to eat a light and raw snack such as an apple or some sprouted almonds. It is important to stay hydrated during the cure because the body needs water to drain and eliminate toxins. You can also continue to practice a sport at the same time as the cure because it is important to remain active and to take time for yourself.
Can juices and soups be frozen?
No, in order to preserve the nutrients and not change their texture.
Can the soups be reheated in the microwave?
We recommend reheating soups in a saucepan to preserve their nutrients and goodness.
Does Wild & The Moon have any promotions on its juices?
We rarely do promotions, but there may be some on an exceptional basis.

The brand

When was Wild & The Moon created ?
The first Wild & The Moon restaurant was created in 2015 by Emmanuelle and Hervé Sawko. They opened their first restaurant on rue Charlot. Since then, the concept has expanded with the opening of other restaurants at different addresses in the capital: rue des Gravilliers, rue Amelot, Place du Marché St-Honoré, rue Helder, avenue des Champs Elysées
Why Wild & The Moon ?
Wild reminds us that everything we eat comes from the land. Wild food is what brings us back to the essence of nature. That is to say, raw and unprocessed ingredients, products from sustainable agriculture, without pesticides, but also promoting biodiversity. But Wild also reminds us of our wild and untamed side which makes us forerunners in this market Moon refers to the cycle of nature, to the passing seasons but also to its influence on the oceans and our biological rhythms. We seek to reintroduce aspects of "ancestral common sense" and traditional medicine into our relationship with the body and food. In particular by respecting the seasonality of ingredients or by proposing recipes that can be adapted to each person according to their needs.
Where does the owl character come from?
The owl has been adopted as a totem animal since the beginning of our adventure because it symbolizes the notions of Wild (the wild state) and Moon (the night). A creature of the night, the owl is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, reflection and protection in many traditional cultures. It is an animal in charge of the connection between the physical world and the spiritual world.
How are the recipes developed?
Our recipes have been designed by expert raw-vegan chefs, nutritionists and taste lovers, using only the best seasonal produce, grown and harvested by local farmers.
What are the brand's commitments?
100% VEGETABLE. Good for the body and for the planet #Foodforafuture. SUSTAINABLE FARMING PRODUCTS to promote agriculture that respects the soil, the environment and biodiversity. MINIMUM CARBON FOOTPRINT by working with French companies and suppliers whenever possible. WASTE REDUCTION by recovering and recycling our waste and by ensuring that our unsold products do not end up in the trash.