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Each time you visit our restaurants, you collect points thanks to your purchases that you can transform into rewards: food products, drinks, or Wild & The Moon goodies. It's up to you to choose the rewards you prefer!

You also benefit from an advantage on the occasion of your birthday: a voucher of 5€ offered without minimum purchase, valid for 30 days.

Your purchases earn you points

The MOONWALKER loyalty program allows you to accumulate points with each purchase in our restaurants and to obtain rewards from 100 points.

Your loyalty points are valid for 1 year from the date of your last purchase

Turn your points into Wild & The Moon products

100 points

1 coffee or 1 wild bounty

200 points

1 bag of Choco Gojis or 1 Greek Tomato Muffin

300 points

A latte of your choice or 1 juice 25cl

400 points

1 tote bag or 1 smoothie

500 points

1 salad or 1 dish of the day

600 points

1 Wild formula

700 points

1 jar of superfood to choose from the following range: acai, baobab, cocoa, chlorella, guarana, maca, moringa, spirulina, acerola, ginseng.

800 points

1 isothermal gourd or 1 vegan recipe book

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Earn 50 points as soon as you sign up for the loyalty program!