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It has become a real ritual for me to do this treatment.

I often order the beginner's detox cure: all the juices are really delicious and tasty, there is not one that I dislike.

It has become a real ritual for me to do this cure, I order it about twice a month. I have also already tested it over 3 days and the cure went totally smoothly!

After this one, I noticed that my belly was less bloated and strangely enough I was in much better shape than before. I am thrilled with the results every time!

The very first time I did the cure, I felt a little hungry or should I say the need to "chew" something strangely so I stayed in tune with my feelings by eating an apple. Now, I don't feel that hunger anymore when I do the cure, my body got used to this kind of detox!

I recommend Wild & The Moon's products to my friends and family because they meet my needs, my desire to take care of myself with good products without frustration and I am very satisfied.

If you want to know more about my Wild experience, it's here on my blog!

Laura's wild favs


I like to enjoy the pleasures of life but I am careful about my health.

On the advice of friends, I tested a detox starting on a Monday ... to compensate for the excesses of the WE.

I thought it would be complicated and I was surprised by the fact that, by following the order and the schedule of the juices and milks, you not only don't feel hungry, but you enjoy tasting each of the juices offered. The milks are particularly delicious and a real treat for the taste buds.

I was also surprised to find that throughout the day I was in great shape, full of energy and very efficient in my concentration at work.

I also tested the initiated cure for its salty-sweet juices with the idea that I am doing a cure but that I want to continue to treat myself with gourmet juices.

I've gotten into the habit of doing one-day cures the day after a party to allow me to rebalance myself gently.

I choose the Wild & The Moon cures because all the products are delicious while being of very high quality: organic, fresh and without any additive or pasteurization. I like to enjoy the pleasures of life but I pay attention to my health.

I am now going to try a 2 or 3 days cure to clean my body more deeply and to reinforce my immunity.

Olivier's wild favs


I noticed that my skin was also more beautiful and luminous.

I tested 3 cures: the intermediate detox cure, the initiated detox cure and the expert detox cure.

I started with a detox cure initiated of 3 complete days without eating: I felt a desire to eat but I did not feel hungry because the juices are consistent and allow to fill this need.

I find that all the juices in this cure are good, even the Simply Green which is a green juice. I also tested the new juices (Down to Earth and Kiwimandjaro) - outside of the cure - which I particularly liked.

In the end, at the end of these 3 days: I was in great shape and I felt very well. The 1-day expert detox was a bit more difficult: after the 3rd juice, it becomes complicated to keep motivated, when you are not a fan of celery, the vegetable that dominates the Keep it clean!

The intermediate detox cure is the easiest, in my opinion, thanks to the soup at lunchtime and in the evening, we have a "meal" which brings a salty taste in the cure. It depends on the season but in winter, or simply when you like to eat "hot", it's good to have these 2 hot meals in addition to the 3 other juices of the cure.

After the 3-day intermediate detox, I noticed that my skin was also more beautiful and luminous.

I recommend Wild & The Moon's products to others because I really appreciate the cures, especially the intermediate detox cure, and the juices are good!

Wild favs of Florence


I also felt a physical well-being and a boost of energy.

I often recommend Wild & The Moon products to my friends because everything is good, especially the snacks.

Since I live in the provinces, I think it's a shame not to be able to try the products served in restaurants in Paris and presented on Instagram. I regret that there are not all these products on the Eshop.

I tried 2 cures: I was very motivated and went straight to a 3-day expert celery detox cure. I don't tend to eat a lot but this cure is beyond my level, you have to be used to fasting! The detox cure was great and easier because it better suits my needs. The delivery and the quality of the products are very good!

Following the cure, I noticed that I had a better digestion and this type of products is part of my usual diet. I also felt a physical well-being and a boost of energy.

During the expert detox cure, I was often hungry unlike the initiated detox cure where I did not have this problem. The key point of the cure is to choose the right day to start the cure because if you choose the wrong day, you can lose your motivation.

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