Immunity Pack

3 Bam Shots + Elixir Viridem

Your Winter health insurance! Immunity booster.

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Your Winter health insurance: 3 doses of turmeric, the most powerful anti-inflammatory superfood, combined with ginger and black pepper to boost absorption.

In addition, our elixir Viridem, blend of superfoods rich in iron and minerals.

Bam Shot: lemon*, turmeric*, ginger*, black pepper*, coconut oil*. 60ml.

Elixir Viridem: graviola*, moringa*, chanca piedra*, spirulina*, chlorella*, dandelion leaf*, rama tulsi*, lemongrass*, lemon rind*, filtred water. 59ml.

* Ingredients from organic farming.

Bam Shot: D+6

Elixir Viridem: M+6

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