Organic raw cocoa goji berries without gluten
Organic raw cocoa goji berries without gluten

Organic raw cocoa goji berries, gluten-free

Boost the immune system
• Goji berries coated with raw cocoa
•  Homemade with love in our Wild Lab in Paris
• Certified gluten free, no added sugar or preservatives, 100% natural and low in saturated fats
• Packaged in 50g natural kraft paper (zero plastic) with a polypropylene window (100% recyclable)

Tasting tip:
Enjoy the Goji Berries with our Hollyweed for a moment of gustatory happiness full of subtle flavors. Peace, love and Goji berries!

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One of a kind formula:
Discover Wild & The Moon's Choco Gojis, delicious chocolate-covered goji berries. Known for their antioxidant properties, Goji berries have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. They will be your best ally in everyday life.

Goji berry*, raw chocolate*, coconut sugar*.

Energy values:
246 Kcal (per 50 g)

30 days in a cool and dry place (before opening)

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*Ingredients from organic farming.

Goji berry*|*goji

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