LA VIE EN ROSE : Organic almond milk with rose 250ml

Organic almond milk with rose

  •  Moisturizes and improves the appearance of your skin
  •  Organic almond based vegetable milk
  •  Flavored with coconut, beets and maple
  •  Enriched with rose water and chia seeds, good for your health
  •  Cold pressed for a better preservation of vitamins, nutrients and enzymes
  •  Made to order and delivered by refrigerated transport in 24/48H
  •  Homemade with love in our Wild Lab in Paris
  •  Certified without added sugars or preservatives, 100% vegan and low in saturated fats
  •  An ideal alternative to cow's milk for lactose intolerant and vegans
  •  Available in 250, 500 ml bottles (zero plastic)

How is this plant-based milk different?

Cold pressed
Organic agriculture
Made to order (ultra fresh)
No pasteurization or high pressure processing (no hpp)
Enriched with superfoods (rose water, chia seeds)

Tasting tip:
Enjoy La Vie en Rose chilled with Pink Flamingo Granola for a perfect color-flavour match. A must for the taste and all those who love this special floral fragrance. Kiss the wild rose!

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Moisturizing properties:
Discover all the benefits of organic rose water contained in a bottle of La Vie en Rose.

One of a kind formula:
Discover Wild & The Moon's La Vie en Rose, a cold-pressed plant-based drink made from almond and coconut that will soften your skin. Thanks to the powerful soothing properties of rose water with a hint of beet, take care of yourself while you indulge yourself! The chia seeds will bring you your dose of vegetable proteins.

Plant-based drink made from filtered water (76%) and almond* (16%)

Almonds*, coconut*, beetroot*, chia seeds*, rose water*, maple*

Energy values:
80 Kcal

3 days between 0 and 6° C (before opening)

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*Ingredients from organic farming.

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