Pink Flamingo Granola

A granola as pretty as good, rich in magnesium and antioxidants.
A special treat for the skin thanks to rose water and coconut.

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With activated raw buckwheat, oat and a blend of raw seeds, our gluten-free granola has a very high protein, vitamin E and magnesium content to support muscular and nerve function, as well as zinc to boost the immune system. It is then dehydrated under 42 degrees, so it keeps all of its nutrients untouched.

Data sheet

Gluten-free oat*|*avoine
Maple syrup*|*erable
Rose water*|*rose
Sprouted buckweat*|*sarrasin

Pink Flamingo Granola for 50g

Energies (Kcal) - Energy (Kcal) 316 Kcal
Energies (Kj) - Energy (Kj) 1322 Kj
Matières Grasses - Total Fat 4 g
Dont Acides Gras Saturés - Inc. Saturated Fat 1 g
Glucides - Total Carbohydrates 8 g
Dont Sucres Naturels - Inc. Natural Sugars 7 g
Protéines - Protein 3 g
Fibres - Fibers 2 g
Sel - Sodium 0 mg

Sans conservateurs - Free from preservatives

Présence possible de fruits à coque - May contain traces of nuts


Sprouted buckweat

Gluten-free oat


Rose water

Maple syrup

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