DETOX juice cure initiated with vegetables and fruits
DETOX juice cure initiated with vegetables and fruits
DETOX juice cure initiated with vegetables and fruits

DETOX Juice Cure with vegetables and fruits | 5 days

At Wild & the Moon, we believe that health must go hand in hand with pleasure to be sustainable in the long run. Our initiated detox juice cleanse is designed to deeply cleanse and regenerate your body, while satisfying your taste buds with a selection of vegetable and fruit juices, rich in essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and live enzymes, giving your body a break. The 5 Day Detox Juice Cure is a 100% liquid cure to be consumed without solid foods for 5 days.

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How are Wild & The Moon juices different?

Our pluses:

Cold pressed
Organic farming
Made to order (ultra fresh)
No pasteurization or high pressure processing (no hpp)
Enriched with superfoods*

(*) Ginger (Bam Shot, Keep It Clean, Little Miss Sunshine), turmeric (Bam Shot, The Tiger, Little Miss Sunshine), spirulina (Simply Green), aloe vera (Better Than Botox)

Why do a Wild & The Moon detox juice treatment?


- Purify the body and eliminate toxins
- Gain energy and feel great
- Start again on a healthy, plant-based diet

Expert opinion:

"Wild & The Moon detox juice cures are ideal for taking a break and allowing your body to rid itself of toxins. Developed to deeply cleanse the system, they allow you to regain vitality with a plant-based diet composed of pure and ultra-fresh ingredients."

Anne-Marie Narboni, President of the World Congress of Naturopathy

How to choose a detox juice treatment?

The detox juice treatment includes :

- 1 shot of 60 ml, 5 detox juices of organic vegetables and fruits of 500 ml (per day)
- Available in 1, 3 or 5 days program (5 days conservation for the juices)

The energy value is 266 Kcal for an initiated detox cure (based on 100 ml per bottle). See nutritional values below.

How to receive your detox juice treatment?

Your detox juice treatment is delivered in refrigerated transport:

- Delivery from Monday 7am in Paris (2 hour slots until Saturday)

How does a day of detox juice treatment go?

Detox program initiated:

- Upon waking - Bam Shot (60 ml): Start the day with a vitamin shot with lemon and organic turmeric that helps strengthen the immune system and provides energy for the day.

- 8H - Keep It Clean (500 ml): A detox juice with organic celery that purifies the body and helps eliminate toxins.

- 11H - The Tiger (500 ml): an anti-inflammatory juice with organic apple, orange and turmeric that helps strengthen the immune system and provides energy.

- 14H - Simply Green (500 ml): a detox juice with organic cucumber that purifies the body and helps eliminate toxins.

- 17H - Better Than Botox (500 ml): a beauty juice with organic apple and aloe vera that moisturizes and improves the appearance of your skin.

- 20H - Little Miss Sunshine (500 ml): an antioxidant juice with pineapple and organic turmeric that helps strengthen the immune system.

- At bedtime (optional) - One tablespoon of organic herbal remedy for liver detox in a cup of warm water to detoxify the liver and purify the blood while you sleep. Ultra-detoxifying properties. Mineralizes the body of essential vitamins and minerals.

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Manufacturing :

- Cold pressed for a better preservation of vitamins, nutrients and enzymes unpasteurized
- Production to order (ultra fresh)
- Homemade with love in our Wild Lab in Paris
- Certified without added sugars or preservatives, 100% vegan and low in saturated fats


- Refrigerated transport in 24/48H in a single delivery in Paris and the cities of the first suburbs
- Additional 15 minutes delay to be foreseen on the time slot of delivery according to the road traffic

Warning : The 5-day cure is only available in courier delivery or store pickup

Conservation :
5 days between 0 and 6° C (before opening)

Allergens :
Consult the list in click here

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