14 superfoods to try at Wild & The Moon

Superfoods are 100% natural foods (fruits, vegetables, algae, herbs, plants) that complement a healthy diet. It is often said that the intestine is the second brain of the human body. It is therefore important to pay attention to what we consume to keep it healthy.

Superfoods are raw, there is no need to heat them, they are not pasteurized and are organic. Wild & The Moon's founder, Emma Sawko, has selected our superfoods to find the best ones.

In this article, we will give you the reasons to add superfoods to your meals and have a balanced diet.

Be Wild. #Eatwise.

Acai: Superfood No. 1

BENEFITS - Sport, energy, beauty, defense.

ORIGIN - South America.

LOOK - Small purple berry that looks like a blueberry.

GOOD FOR - Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Acai is a member of the polyphenol family, which makes this fruit a powerful antioxidant to eliminate toxins. Do not hesitate to consume it after the holidays or a heavy meal. The berry protects the skin and its aging, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Are you looking to improve the quality of your skin and are you tired of trying all sorts of skincare routines? Acai is the solution! You will have an effective beauty ally to have the glowy complexion you dream of and this in a 100% natural way. You can also find acai in our Beauty Mix composed of Acai, Baobab and Maca, a great trio for the skin.

STORY - A long time ago, there lived a young Amazonian Indian girl called Iaca. Her father was the chief of a tribe that had grown so much, that he could not feed all his people. The chief decided that all newborns should be killed. Soon after, Iaca gave birth to a child who was immediately killed. The poor girl mourned the death of her child for days, until one evening she heard a child crying and went out to look for it. She saw a palm tree emerging from the ground, covered with fruit. In despair, the girl lay down under the tree and died of grief. The next day, the tribe discovered Iaca's body under the new tree, whose fruit satisfied their hunger and gave them back their energy. Iaca's father rescinded his cruel decree. His people grew and flourished. Iaca, read backwards, means acai

HOW TO - In a smoothie or super bowl: mix the acai pulp as a frozen base. In powder form: add to all your snacks, smoothies, juices and breakfasts.

WILD TIPS - A tablespoon of powder in your preparations, to adjust according to your taste.

Baobab: Superfood N°2

BENEFITS - Detox, sport, energy, beauty.

ORIGIN - Tropical Africa.

LOOK - It is a big and imposing tree that can reach 20 meters high (its trunk, up to 10 m in diameter). The pulp of its fruit is called "monkey bread".

GOOD FOR - In Africa, all parts of the tree (roots, leaves, trunk, bark, pulp, seeds) are consumed for their therapeutic and nutritional properties. "Monkey bread" is particularly rich in vitamin C (seven times more than an orange), B and A.

It is also a source of minerals (calcium, potassium, iron and manganese), fiber, protein and an antioxidant. A good mix to be in great shape! It helps to fight against temporary fatigue but also to regain energy after an illness for example. Its efficiency makes you want to try it, doesn't it?

STORY - "Magic tree", "pharmacist tree", "tree of life", the baobab can live for centuries.

In Africa, it is known as the tree of life because it has been used for centuries by Senegalese women for its health and beauty benefits.

HOW TO - It is the ideal food to avoid undernutrition of the elderly for example. Also beneficial for pregnant women and infants.

WILD TIPS - With its tangy and sweet taste, slip 1 to 3 spoonfuls of Baobab in your drinks and culinary preparations.

Cocoa: Superfood N°3

BENEFITS - Sport, energy, balance, well-being, relaxation.

ORIGIN - Peru.

LOOK - Enclosed in their fruit called pod (large elongated berry), fresh cocoa beans are slimy in appearance because they are surrounded by a white pulp. Once dried, they are dark brown and elongated oval in shape.

GOOD FOR -An exceptional antioxidant, the cocoa bean is good for the heart (rich in flavanols and polyphenols) and very rich in potassium and other minerals. Containing theobromine, the Cocoa powder will be an ally to fight stress and this in a natural way!

Cocoa powder will give you a radiant look but also shiny and healthy hair, your nails will also be stronger since sulfur is a collagen and keratin booster.

STORY - Each culture tells its own story. Cocoa was discovered by man around 2000 BC in the Mayan Empire.

For the Mayas, Toltecs or Bribris, cocoa has always been a mediator between heaven and earth, between nature and men, it is a divine symbol. After the Spanish conquest, the pod lost its symbolic value and became a currency.

It would be at the origin of accounting in America: one could buy a rabbit for 10 beans as well as a slave for 100.

HOW TO - Raw cocoa is a perfect substitute for chocolate! Unlike "classic" cocoa, which is found in the chocolate we are used to eating, the beans of raw cocoa have not been heated.

WILD TIPS - To be adjusted according to your taste in all your sweet recipes, cocoa is more bitter than the chocolate we are used to eating.

Chaga: Superfood N°4

BENEFITS - Energy, balance, defense.

ORIGIN - Canada, Russia and Korea.

LOOK - It is a wild mushroom found on birch trees. It is black on the outside and orange-brown on the inside. It is cultivated in an environmentally friendly way.

GOOD FOR - Chaga is the most antioxidant (!) food and one of the most nutritious mushrooms in the world. It also supports the proper functioning of the adrenal glands and digestive organs. It is an adaptogenic mushroom which means that it adapts to the needs of your body.

It allows to fight inflammations and you will feel much better after having consumed it thanks to its remarkable efficiency. It will protect you from winter diseases and make your immune system stronger.

STORY - The history between man and chaga is said to be 3,500 B.C. A mummified body was found under a glacier in the Otzal massif (between Austria and Italy) and given the name Otzi.

In his purse were found 3 species of mushrooms, including a chaga! The Khanty (reindeer breeders in Siberia - 11th century), drank it as tea to improve their digestion and spread it on wounds to purify them.

They even smoked it dry to strengthen their lungs! It has been used for medicinal purposes in Russia and Siberia for over 500 years.

HOW TO - In powder form: mix it into your coffee or smoothie, or brew it warm/cold to preserve all the enzymes and vitamins (sensitive to heat).

WILD TIPS - 1 teaspoon of chaga powder in a cold or warm drink, once a day as a preventive measure or 2 to 3 times a day to boost the immune system.

Chlorella : Superfood N°5

BENEFITS - Detox, balance, defense.

ORIGIN - China.

LOOK - Green algae. It owes its color to the chlorophyll, which it contains in exceptional quantity.

GOOD FOR - Powerful detoxifying power, extremely rich in chlorophyll, but also in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Chlorella is an algae that photosynthesizes, which is why it is rich in chlorophyll and antioxidants.

Its field of action is very wide and it combines very well with other very nutritious algae such as spirulina. In case of digestive disorders, chlorella will liquefy the digestive tract and the intestine.

If you consume chlorella during a diet, it will bring you the necessary nutrients. It could become your new favorite ally!

STORY - It is 2 billion years old..

HOW TO - Rehab shot = the combination of chlorella and spirulina allows a deep remineralization, a cleansing and an intense detoxification in the whole body. In case of emergency, or just to prevent the emergency..

WILD TIPS - One teaspoon in a glass of water or juice.

Guarana : Superfood N°6

BENEFITS - Sport, energy, well-being.

ORIGIN - Amazonian forest.

LOOK - Small bright red berries opening on a white and black pulp similar to a fixed eye.

GOOD FOR - The guarana berry has become world famous because it contains guaranine, a tonic substance 4 to 7 times more powerful than black coffee, without the side effects! A hyper-healthy stimulant, the berry therefore has powerful energetic and revitalizing properties.

You are currently in a period of stress or exams? It boosts mental and physical reflexes, intellectual concentration, physical strength and lowers fatigue levels! It is also known as a formidable appetite suppressant and fat burner.

STORY - The plant takes its name from "guarani", the first Amerindian people of Amazonia to have discovered it.

They consumed it to fight against tiredness and to regulate the appetite when the food was missing.

"It gives so much strength that it allows one to go hunting for two consecutive days without feeling hungry, besides curing fevers, cramps and headaches," reported missionary Father Felipe Bettendorf in 1664.

HOW TO - In times of overwork: make a habit of introducing guarana into your daily routine.

WILD TIPS - Take before an exam or intense physical exercise. 1 teaspoon in your favorite morning drink. With its high caffeine content, it is not recommended to take it with coffee.

Maca : Superfood N°7

BENEFITS - Energy, balance, well-being.

ORIGIN - Peru.

LOOK - Maca is a tuberous plant belonging to the cruciferous family, like the turnip or the radish. Its tuber makes it one of the very few plants that can survive in the extreme climatic conditions of the Andean highlands (extreme heat during the day, frost at night, violent winds etc.).

GOOD FOR - Aphrodisiac, tonic bringing strength and energy, maca strengthens the immune system in general.

It will give you the boost you need. The plant is rich in vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals and trace elements.

It is adaptogenic, a bit magical, it adapts to the body's needs (like ginseng).

STORY - Maca has always been a sacred plant for the Incas, Indians from the highlands of Peru (the Andes). They discovered it more than 3 000 years ago in the wild, at 3 500 m of altitude!

HOW TO - Maca contributes to rebalance the hormonal system. It is therefore recommended to any woman suffering from a change of contraception, menopause, etc. N.B.: it is the aphrodisiac par excellence!

WILD TIPS - As a three week treatment, a pinch in your breakfast in the morning. To consume in a cold or warm drink (to keep the benefits of maca!)

Moringa : Superfood N°8

BENEFITS - Defense.

ORIGIN - Egypt.

LOOK - Similar to a fern, moringa leaves are fluffy and bright green.

GOOD FOR - Very high in vitamin C, it is one of the best possible defenses against disease. The plant has a strong antioxidant power.

It is also a formidable slimming ally: rich in nutrients that help weight loss and chemical components that help regulate glucose levels, fighting cholesterol and obesity.

STORY - Ancient Indian writings of Ayurvedic medicine dating back 150 years B.C. refer to moringa and its use in curing over 300 diseases.

HOW TO - In baking, moringa powder is used like matcha tea powder, the same color, though not as sweet in taste.

WILD TIPS - 2 to 3 teaspoons as an infusion or in your cooking and drinks.

Reishi : Superfood N°9

BENEFITS - Balance, defense, relaxation.

ORIGIN - Forests of the mountains of Asia.

LOOK - Woody mushroom, flat, rounded and reddish-orange in its center. It grows on decaying wild plum trees, sometimes on oak trees

GOOD FOR - This is the "immunomodulator". It is the super ally of the immune system: its actions on it are multiple and depend on the need of the organism. It can strengthen a deficient immune system as well as temper the actions of an over-reactive immunity (e.g. allergies and auto-immune diseases).

It is also a formidable ally against fatigue, stress, anxiety and insomnia. It is taken as a supplement over one or more weeks to prevent all types of illnesses and support the immune system.

It will help you to have a good physical health! You can find reishi in our Relax Mix composed of Hemp, Reishi and Ashwaganda, an excellent blend that will relax you after a long day.

STORY - The Japanese gave it the name "Reishi": "king of plants". The Romans considered it the food of the gods, the Egyptians a gift from Osiris and the Chinese the "elixir of life".

HOW TO - Change of season, times of stress or fatigue, do you drink coffee? Make it a habit to slip a pinch of reishi into it every morning. Or better yet, a pinch of reishi and a pinch of chaga!

WILD TIPS - 1 teaspoon in your morning drink.

Spirulina : Superfood N°10

BENEFITS - Detox, sport, energy, balance, well-being, defense.

ORIGIN - Chad, Peru, India, Mexico and Madagascar.

LOOK - It looks like a tiny green algae - three billion years old, but it is actually a bacterium. It's called that because of its spiral shape.

GOOD FOR - It contains everything the body needs: it is extremely rich in beta-carotene, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin E, proteins, minerals and trace elements, it is the best ally of sportsmen (and those who are less so). It is also extremely rich in antioxidants and contains the 8 amino acids that must imperatively be provided to our body.

In short, this micro-algae strengthens the immune system, purifies the blood, gives us strength and endurance. Its mixture of different nutrients will protect you all year long!

STORY - We talk about algae, but it is more precisely a cyanobacteria: a bacterium carrying out photosynthesis. Spirulina is a primitive creature 3.5 billion years old (when we know that the earth is only 4.5 billion years old) which, thanks to light, transforms carbon dioxide into organic matter and releases oxygen.

The Spanish conquistador Cortes (15th century) wrote in his memoirs about this curious Aztec habit: the Indians walked on the surface of the lakes with large, tightly packed nets to collect a kind of greenish mud: spirulina. They dried it in the sun and then ate it in the form of patties.

HOW TO - Sprinkle it wherever you want, on whatever you want, whenever you want, or take it as a supplement (capsules).

WILD TIPS - As a cure, 2 to 3 teaspoons in the morning in a glass of water with 2-3 drops of lemon (miracle trick to mask the taste) or apple juice (organic!) for 1 month. The vitamin C present in the apple helps the body to assimilate the iron present in spirulina.

Matcha : Superfood N°11

BENEFITS - Sport, energy, well-being.

ORIGIN - Japan.

LOOK - Fine green tea powder.

GOOD FOR - Matcha powder is obtained by grinding green tea leaves slowly between two stone wheels. These leaves come from tea bushes that have been covered for 20 to 30 days before harvesting to block the sunlight and allow the chlorophyll content of the leaves to increase, stimulating the production of amino acids. The powder dissolves in water.

It contains a huge amount of natural antioxidants that help fight free radicals, cholesterol and skin aging.

Because the tea powder is ingested entirely, rather than just brewed like regular green tea, matcha is even richer in certain elements, including caffeine and antioxidants. Its virtues are both stimulating and calming. In case of fatigue, it would be more effective to consume matcha than coffee.

The peak of energy you feel when consuming matcha is more durable, while the one due to the consumption of coffee is less durable because the fatigue comes quickly after.

STORY - Matcha has been consumed for over 800 years by Zen Buddhist monks, and later by the elite and the emperor of China. In those days, the tea was mostly consumed as a medicine or as a stimulant to stay awake and focused (for long hours) during meditations.

HOW TO - Matcha powder works well in desserts, a good compromise between a snack and a stimulant!

WILD TIPS - Adapt to your taste, 1 to 2 teaspoons in infusion for an energy boost or cooking for its good taste.

Chaï : Superfood N°12

BENEFITS - Detox, sport, well-being.

ORIGIN - Northern India.

LOOK - Mix of different spices, sometimes with black tea

GOOD FOR - Cloves, ginger and cinnamon are known for their anti-inflammatory powers.

The antioxidants present fight free radicals in the body and protect cells from stress.

These spices are also known to improve digestion and fight stomach aches. This is one of the reasons why chai is usually drunk after a meal.

STORY - It is a pleonasm to speak of "chai tea", since "chai" means simply "tea".

In countries where tea is shipped by sea, it is usually referred to as "tee", whereas in countries where it is shipped by land, it is referred to as "ch".

Chai has become a true religion in India, adopted by all the inhabitants who happily punctuate every moment of the day with this hot and sweet beverage

HOW TO - We replace cow's milk and refined sugar with homemade almond milk and maple syrup!

WILD TIPS - 1 to 2 teaspoons in your hot drink. In the summer you can brew it and serve iced chai lattes. You can mix it with plant milk and a little maple syrup to make a chai latte or try it in one of our Wild & The Moon restaurants (it is very popular with our customers!).

Acerola : Superfood N°15

BENEFITS - Sport, energy, defense.

ORIGIN - Amazonia.

LOOK - Small scarlet red berry with orange pulp.

GOOD FOR - Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, super high in vitamin C to boost your body!

A single berry contains 30-40 times more than an orange, it tones and strengthens the immune system. STORY - Etymologically, acerola is a Spanish term meaning "maple cherry", in honor of the tree that bears it, itself named "tree of health".

Acerola was commonly used in tropical countries to relieve certain forms of diarrhea, dysentery and liver disorders.

HOW TO - In winter or when you feel feverish, take as a supplement to fight fatigue, stress or overwork.

WILD TIPS - As a cure, two capsules per day (1 in the morning, 1 during the day) or as a support, 1 capsule per day.

Ginseng : Superfood N°16

BENEFITS - Sport, energy, well-being, defense.

ORIGIN - China, Korea, far eastern regions of the former Soviet Union.

LOOK - Small perennial plant. The roots are consumed.

GOOD FOR - Anti-fatigue, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, ginseng stimulates the brain, protects the immune system. Need a boost to quickly regain energy?

Ginseng will quickly get you back on your feet thanks to its toning power. You will rediscover your body and your physical capacities! It is also a powerful aphrodisiac. It is the number 1 superfood in China and Korea.

STORY - The therapeutic virtues of ginseng have been known in Asia for over 4,000 years.

Emperors and lords were treated with the plant. Traditional Chinese doctors still claim that it can cure all ailments.

HOW TO - Beware of the quality of ginseng because, victim of its success, the respect of the 7 years before its harvest has been lost

WILD TIPS - 4 capsules a day to be spread throughout the day and you can also combine it with maca for double the effectiveness!

Detox Mix : Superfood N°21

BENEFITS - Detox, balance.

At breakfast, you can also take our Detox Mix composed of Spirulina, Baobab and Chlorella, perfect to detoxify your body and remineralize it.

Energy Mix: Superfood N°23

BENEFITS - Sport, energy.

In the morning, you can put 1 teaspoon of our Energy Mix composed of Maca, Spirulina and Guarana in a drink, to be full of energy for the rest of the day. It also helps to improve your physical performance.

You don't have to consume superfoods alone, it's best to consume them in your daily meals as long as they are part of a healthy diet. There are no rules or restrictions because there is no risk. Dare to try something new and mix superfoods with your everyday foods!

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